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Do you know the leading cause of death in children
5 and under?  <> Drowning

The Safety Angel 2 & 3 water safety wristband systems are the only 
 Alarm Systems Available That Will
1. Alert you if your child falls even
    as little one inch of water.
Use it in your home, on vacation, on your boat, at a lake, or at the beach. 
lt works in any type of water 
including salt water.
The Safety Angel is like having a guardian angel watching over
your children.

Safety Angel 3

Safety Angel 2


The weather is getting warmer every day.
This summer will be one of the hottest that we have had in a number of years. Unfortunately we will see a number of children die from hyperthermia or drown as they do every year.
Suddenly Safe 'N' Secure Systems
was created to help save children's lives through education and technology.

We have partnered with Ray Ray's Pledge to do just this. Please visit their website to learn how you can prevent a tragedy like their's from ever happening to
you or someone in your family. It is very moving.


You would never leave your child behind in your vehicle yet 2010 was the deadliest year of reported deaths since data has been recorded in the U.S.  Over 500 children have died from hyperthermia.
So far this year we have lost twice the number of babies in May then last year.
Suddenly Safe 'N' Secure Systems has the answer to what has become an alarming trend  in the United States.  With today's busy lifestyle and all of its distractions it is not beyond belief that a parent or a caregiver would forget a child in a car.  It only takes about 20 minutes for the temperature in a car to rise over 120 degrees on a 70 degree day. It has happened to Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents, Nanny's, Babysitters, Brothers and Sisters. You must take every precaution available to protect your child from what could be a tragic situation.  

THE CHILD SAFE 'N' SECURE SYSTEM if used properly is the only product on the market that could help eliminate any child from dying in a vehicle because they were forgotten. This is the number one safety product that every mother, father, grandparent or caregiver should have.
The Child Safe 'N' Secure System has been featured on many News programs and in papers and on the radio.

SS'N'SS is proud to announce a breakthrough  new

product that will give anyone who has diabetes
a new layer of protection never available before.

The SA-3 is designed to detect the signs of low blood
sugar before going into diabetic shock two ways.
1. It will detect a change in body temperature.
2. It detects any moisture on your skin.
Both of these symptoms can be signs of low blood
sugar which usually occurs before the diabetic goes
into severe hypoglycemia.
The SA-3 will alert you if this should start to happen by sounding an alarm and vibrating until you shut it off.

 It can happen at any time but there are sometimes that are more dangerous then others for instance,
While driving or sleeping.

This is the only Warning System on the market of it's kind so if you or know someone who has diabetes the SA-3 could save their or your life.  Only $139.95



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