Safety Seat Alarm

Our Safety Seat Alarm is a State Of The Art Wireless Alarm System That will Alert You if Your Child is left in their Safety Seat  And You Walk Six Feet or More From The Vehicle.  Available in Standard, iPhone and Android Models.

Child Anti-Lost &

Anti-Drowning Alarms

If You Ever Lost Sight Of Your Child For Even One Minuet The Feeling That You Felt Was Probably Sheer Terror.    Wouldn't it Be Wonderful if There Was A Wireless System That Would Alert You if Your Child 

Wandered Away or fell into a pool?


Keeping Children And Pets Safe Is Our Only Business 

        The Pet Protector

Thousands Of Pets Run Out Of The House 

Or Are Forgotten In A Hot Vehicle Every Year.

Our New Pet Prevent Tracer Can Notify You

On Your Android Or iPhone If Your Pet Runs

Away Or Is Left In A Hot Vehicle. You Can

Even Send A Signal To It !

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